The Best Attractions Of St. Petersburg, Florida

Have you ever thought of going on a vacation in a place where you will not only get a chance to unwind but also feel relaxed and stress-free so that you can forget all your tensions and worries of your daily life? Yes, you have heard it right. St. Petersburg Florida in Tampa Bay is one of the sought-after vacation destinations where you will be able to enjoy at your best.  You can dive in the various adventurous activities or enjoy a fun-filled day at the beach in order to have a soothing experience and a wonderful vacation. So let’s wait no more and have a quick insight into the best attractions of St. Petersburg, Florida in Tampa Bay.

  • The Dali Museum: In St. Petersburg you should definitely visit the Dali Museum if you want to have a glimpse of the historic past. It has the widest collection of Dali’s work in the US and consists of drawings, photographs, oil paintings, sculptures, book works and prints that depict the life of Salvador Dali. This is one of the finest masterpieces of arts in St. Petersburg and you will be delighted as you visit and find out about the cultural heritage of the place.
  • Fort De Soto Park: Covering an area of 1,136-acre this park is made up of five small islands and it is a perfect place to visit and enjoy to the fullest. Here you will get everything you need in order to make your vacation exciting and full of fun. The park consists of 4 miles of skating and hiking trail, 7 miles of waterfront, picnic ground, 2 fishing piers, and a historic fort. You can get a wonderful view of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge from the fort which is one of the longest cable-stayed concrete bridges in the world. If you want to have some fun in the water you should definitely go to North Beach. The entrance is marked by a large pirate ship playground and you can hire a kayak or a canoe in order to explore the 2-mile paddling trail. You can also try out your fishing skills and have a wonderful time there.
  • Sunken Gardens: How about soothing your eyes and your mind while having a wonderful vacation in a serene place? Sunken Gardens is a perfect place if you want to be close to nature. The garden consists of 4 acres of land and contains more than 50,000 different varieties of plants and various exotic birds. You will just love to walk in the path and have a view of the rare plants, footbridges, waterfalls, and flamingos. Moreover different garden tours and horticultural programs are held on various occasions and events and you will definitely love this place and its ambiance when you visit here.
  • Great Explorations Children’s Museum: How about giving your children a wonderful time on your vacation? You will love to see the joy and happiness on the face of your children when they visit this place. It is one of the top children’s museum and learning center and the environment is created in such a way that children can think freely and learn in an interactive way. One of the arrangements is the BellaBrava Pizza Kitchen where the children can have hands-on exposure about the working of a kitchen and make their own pizza with soft sculpture materials. On the other hand, the Critter Cave will give your children the opportunity to have a closer look at the different types of reptiles and amphibians and they will simply love it. In one word this place is a one-stop entertainment and learning center for your kids and they will remember such a wonderful place for a long time.

Thus to conclude we can say that St. Petersburg, Florida in Tampa Bay with a varied range of attractions and travel spots is an ideal place to visit for holiday lovers across the world and you should definitely come and visit this place in order to have a wonderful and memorable holiday experience.

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