Davis Islands

Island Style Living In The Heart Of Tampa Bay

A little Bit Of History… The Grand Opening of Dave Davis’s Islands happened Oct. 4 1924. Originally 3 islands as an archipelago, two islands comprise the present day configuration. Born from a resort concept. Amenities such as 3 hotels, 9 hole golf course, hospital, and the city’s #1 radio station helped Mr. Davis sell 300 prepared lots by the first day. An astounding success. The 1930’s inspired the development of the Peter O’Knight Airport. Peter, a prominent Tampa lawyer, was deeply involved with local businesses. A strong community presence attracted investors to the island, realizing the airports importance and role for small aircraft. Still today the airport is home to many private charters and local aviation enthusiasts. There are 4 Parks and a bicycle trail on the island.  Marjorie park and Davis Islands Playground are both found on Columbia drive. Davis islands dog park resides on the southern tip of Severn ave. The bicycle trail flows from Bayshore Boulevard, down Davis Islands boulevard, over to the eastern waterfront around Bering street, continuing to the southern tip of the island.  A variety of novelty shops and a very eclectic mix of restaurants comprise the islands business community. Sushi, Pizza, Mexican, Thai, Irish, Italian and American Fare are some of the many dining options. live music will keep you in …

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