The Best Attractions Of St. Petersburg, Florida

Have you ever thought of going on a vacation in a place where you will not only get a chance to unwind but also feel relaxed and stress-free so that you can forget all your tensions and worries of your daily life? Yes, you have heard it right. St. Petersburg Florida in Tampa Bay is one of the sought-after vacation destinations where you will be able to enjoy at your best.  You can dive in the various adventurous activities or enjoy a fun-filled day at the beach in order to have a soothing experience and a wonderful vacation. So let’s wait no more and have a quick insight into the best attractions of St. Petersburg, Florida in Tampa Bay. The Dali Museum: In St. Petersburg you should definitely visit the Dali Museum if you want to have a glimpse of the historic past. It has the widest collection of Dali’s work in the US and consists of drawings, photographs, oil paintings, sculptures, book works and prints that depict the life of Salvador Dali. This is one of the finest masterpieces of arts in St. Petersburg and you will be delighted as you visit and find out about the cultural heritage of the place. Fort De Soto Park: Covering an area of 1,136-acre this park is made up of five small islands and it is a perfect place to visit and enjoy to the fullest. Here you will get everything you need in order to make your vacation exciting and full of fun. The park consists of 4 miles of skating and hiking trail, 7 miles of waterfront, picnic ground, 2 fishing piers, and a historic fort. You can get a wonderful view of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge from the fort which is one of the longest cable-stayed concrete bridges in …

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Davis Islands Dog Park

Pictured here is Macho (right) and Willie (left) soaking up some fun at Davis Islands Dog Park. I spoke with Brittney (Willies owner) and Rosie (Machos owner) about the benefits of this particular pooch playground. Friendly pet parents, overall cleanliness, sandy dog cleaning stations, drinking water and a generally peaceful atmosphere were top of the list. Tucked in on Seddon Channel, Davis Islands Dog Park/Beach really is an urban oasis.  

Davis Islands

Island Style Living In The Heart Of Tampa Bay

A little Bit Of History… The Grand Opening of Dave Davis’s Islands happened Oct. 4 1924. Originally 3 islands as an archipelago, two islands comprise the present day configuration. Born from a resort concept. Amenities such as 3 hotels, 9 hole golf course, hospital, and the city’s #1 radio station helped Mr. Davis sell 300 prepared lots by the first day. An astounding success. The 1930’s inspired the development of the Peter O’Knight Airport. Peter, a prominent Tampa lawyer, was deeply involved with local businesses. A strong community presence attracted investors to the island, realizing the airports importance and role for small aircraft. Still today the airport is home to many private charters and local aviation enthusiasts. There are 4 Parks and a bicycle trail on the island.  Marjorie park and Davis Islands Playground are both found on Columbia drive. Davis islands dog park resides on the southern tip of Severn ave. The bicycle trail flows from Bayshore Boulevard, down Davis Islands boulevard, over to the eastern waterfront around Bering street, continuing to the southern tip of the island.  A variety of novelty shops and a very eclectic mix of restaurants comprise the islands business community. Sushi, Pizza, Mexican, Thai, Irish, Italian and American Fare are some of the many dining options. live music will keep you in the groove through the evening. Stop in the business center, listen for your favorite tunes and head in that direction. The musicians who showcase their talents here crossover all genres and the Night Life is as laid back as any island destination available. Every person you meet, whom lives on the island, Loves it! This is a safe place. The neighborhoods here are clean and well maintained. Living options range from Apartments to Multi-million Dollar Celebrity Mansions. Only a short drive or bicycle ride from Bayshore Boulevard, Davis Islands Definitely needs to be on your list of Entertainment Destinations. Davis Islands, located near the …

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