The 5 Element Approach to Change

Each client’s challenges are different and their needs unique. Your therapists and you (the client) will carefully examine your current needs, short term objectives and long term goals in order to carefully develop the most efficient and effective personalized treatment plan.

We believe in continuity of care so we ask that if you are seeing other physicians that we have permission to exchange information. If you do not have a primary care physcian or psychiatrist, please let us know so that we may give you a referral.

We use a variety of therapeutic modalities and techniques which are all designed to work with your creative brain, your logical brain, your physical body, your spiritual body, and your five senses.  We also provide you with a warm, safe, and supportive environment so that we can we can create the best possible conditions for growth.

Patsy Evans practices a model of therapy which is collaborative, open and holistic in nature. Our therapeutic relationship should feel warm, safe and connecting. This model is different than many counseling models which have a more western physcian flavor. In these models the therapist is the “expert” in the room. In our therapeutic relationship, it may feel as though you are having a heart to heart with a good friend, however, the therapeutic relationship is a professional one and boundaries will be enforced at all times. In a collaborative model, we want to foster empowerment and teach you to listen and trust your inner self and to foster independence. Your therapist will challenge you to think and to argue points with them. This helps to foster critical thinking and is a great skill to take you through life. Our goal is that you will be able to leave with tools to help yourself.

Remember that therapy is designed to open your eyes to new experiences, options and ideas. It also is helpful in redefining your idea of self and help you to gain insight into the behaviors which may be interfereing with your ability to find peace and happiness. This means that you may not always like what you hear in therapy. Therapy is hard and takes an emotional investment into yourself. Our therpaists always have your best interest at heart.

WARNING: There will be homework assignments which may include reading, videos, cooking, and writing assignments.

After a period of time, the next step in our therapeutic model may include family therapy, group therapy or other educational modalities. During this step, the client may participate in various support groups, workshops, retreats, events, group events or coaching seminars. These may be events at HarmonyUs or we may refer out to other programs for these services. All of these components  will be based on your specific needs and goals. Community and social support is an essential part of treatment program and we may incorporate social media and private online forums as significant part of our therapeutic process. Remember that you are in charge of your treatment plan and you may opt out of any parts of this process at any time.

Finally, the client may be seen on an as needed basis or attend group monthly for continued prevention and support. At this point, you should feel as though you have either accomplished your goals or have gathered enough tools needed to move forward on your own.

At any point in the process, you may find that you have developed some physical complaints. It is not uncommon for emotions to impair the immune system or for stress to create physical pain. We offer Holistic Psychiatric services, encourage you to follow up with your medical team or refer out to other professionals. Please let us know how we can best assist you should this become an issue.

Although our practice is boutique in nature, our treatment model emphasizes the importance of a supportive system. Thus, we prefer to work with the entire family infrastructure if possible. If your are partnered, married, or have children, we welcome them to our practice in the hopes that we can work with your entire family thus ensuring that the tools you are given here are reinforced at home.

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