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Ybor City is a cultural destination that is a rich part of Tampa’s history. The Cubans had settled here back in the mid to late 1800’s and it was known as Cigar City. because of all the cigar factories. The Cuban immigrants came to Tampa to start a new life, work and raise their families.

The Cuban Club, Circulo Cubano, otherwise known as the Cuban Circle, was their home. It provided a sanctuary for the Cuban people to come together. A safe place that they could identify with. A place for entertainment and social events. It was the haven for all the Cuban immigrants that came to Tampa, both young and old.

Many of the historically old buildings, in Ybor City, have very dark pasts that have haunting stories attached to them. Places where atrocities occurred and lives lost. Many experts say that Ybor City has some of the most active paranormal activity in the United States.

Check out Tampa Bay Spotlight’s Max Herman’s interview with Charlie Doan, a local tour guide with Ybor Ghost Tour. Charlie takes TBS on a small tour of the Cuban Club and shares some chilling stories about it’s past.

So, if you’ve always wanted to be a ghost hunter and you’re ready for a spooky time investigating the paranormal, then you need to contact Ybor Ghost Tour. They are the Official Ghost Tour in Ybor City that is owned and operated by locals.

For more information on their available ghost tours visit Ybor Ghost Tour.

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